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                         It’s the Mix not the Match! Re-Mix • Re-New • Re-Do

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Making consignment shopping cool, Re-Feather Your Nest presents an ever-revolving inventory of consigned home furnishings in their  three  hip, relaxed and easy to shop stores. Located in downtown Mt. Vernon, WA, next to the Calico Cupboard Café & Bakery and in the charming waterfront town of Anacortes WA, next to  Calico Cupboard Cafe and Bakery.

By constantly receiving fresh inventory of furnishings & decor and picking out only the best, we can assure that your visit will be exciting and rewarding, with you finding treasures and found objects at fair and reasonable prices.

Fresh Consignment Furniture & Vignettes

In order to come up with just the right mix, we select our merchandise very carefully so that we can maintain an interesting and varied collection at all times. Because of our ever growing, diverse base of consignors who are either re-decorating or in some form of transition, the gently used merchandise and the showroom is transformed into a delightful and inviting atmosphere in which to shop. Re-Feather Your Nest is a spectrum of design styles featuring photo worthy vignettes that may pair turn-of-the-century bookcases with traditional sofas, modern lamps, new accessories and contemporary art. The eclectic mix of consigned goods gathered from several consignors is fused with found objects, custom furniture pieces, and new accessories to make a room complete.

Green Living with Consignment

Did you know that over 8.7 million tons of furniture and home furnishings are dumped into landfills each year? Just because you have outgrown your sofa, console, or armchair, it doesn’t mean it has reached the end of its life. You can keep your home furnishings out of a landfill and pass them along for someone else to enjoy by choosing consignment. Keep your items out of a landfill and let someone else give them a second life through consignment. At Re-Feather Your Nest consignment is the new recycling. Go Green… consign!

Refurbishing Keeps Our Past Alive

In order to encourage the reuse of furniture in need of some loving care, we feature some furniture with “Good Bones and Character” for refurbishing projects. At Re-Feather Your Nest, we feel it is important to recycle good wood furniture, and keep the character of the past within our homes.

Redesign Your Space with Fresh New Accents

Flavor and appeal is added with home decor. Our consignors bring in “non-cookie-cutter accessories” from unique surprises to first-rate-selections, ranging from table top decor to wall art. When you walk into our store – it will not look like any other store! Our consignors provide this eclectic blend of fantastic home furnishings, and our customers love the shopping experience as there is always something for everyone at Re-Feather Your Nest.