Buy / Sell

Consignment 101

We screen items to see if they are all a good fit for our store. Digital photos may be sent to us via email, or brought into the store, along with the information below. Smaller items may be brought to the store after calling to set up appointment.  For larger pieces photos are required. Details of the overall condition will also be requested. Please send one or two shots of each item and keep files small.

  • What is it?
  • Who made it?
  • How old is it?
  • Where did you purchase it?
  • What are the materials?
  • What was the original cost?
  • What are the measurements?


Pricing is done by mutual agreement. Most of our consignors rely on us to price their items since we have an excellent idea of what it takes to sell an item. Pricing depends on the individual item; its age, quality and condition. Generally, people expect to pay less than half of the current retail. Once we agree on pricing, we will provide you with a written contract. The contract provides for a 60 day consignment period. When the item has sold we will pay you 55% of the sale price. If the item does not sell within 60 days we can discuss extending the contract with price adjustment, or you can arrange to have your item picked up.

Getting More for Your Consigned Items

All items must be ready for floor presentation and display upon arrival. Please clean your items before bringing them in. Remove dirt, dust, fingerprints, etc. Windex and Murphy’s cleaner are good products. Clean off the cobwebs and spider nests from underneath your furniture. Inspect each item carefully. Cloth items should have no rips, tears, or stains. Glass items should have no cracks or chips, and should be shined. Wood products can be enhanced with ‘Old English’ or similar product to fill in scratches. Check that all the screws are tightened. Loose joints should be re-glued. Loose jointed items do not sell, or if they do, at a reduced price. Ask yourself if you would buy this item. If not, chances are neither will anyone else. Customers want clean items. Some of our clients have had their upholstered items professionally cleaned before consigning with us which has helped us sell it quicker for them. At the very least, vacuum under the cushions. Items that will sell have these qualities: eye appeal, cleanliness, are in good condition, and have a fair price.

Moving Furniture In and Out of Re-Feather Your Nest

Due to our Insurance, Consignors and Customers must provide their own help when bringing in furniture for consignment or when taking out furniture they have purhcased. We can recommend movers to transport your merchandise to and from the store if you request this service. When furniture has been purchased, items must be picked-up by the agreed upon date, generally 3 days from date to purchase, or there is a $10 per day/per item floor fee charge.

Why Shop at Re-Feather Your Nest?

  • Save money. New furniture has tremendous markup. Buying used can save you 50-80%.
  • Well cared for furniture and home interiors
  • Attractive showroom with lifestyle settings
  • Create your dream home on a real-life budget
  • Fresh, constantly changing inventory

Why Sell Through Re-Feather Your Nest?

  • Exposure coupled with great service = SOLD
  • Safe – NO strangers in your home
  • Secure – NO scams common with online ads
  • Marketing through professional website, emails, and advertising
  • Convenience for buyers AND sellers
  • Recommended third-party mover. Trusted and experienced with competitive rates.
  • Ownership and Management you can trust. Owner Linda Freed and store Managers Sally Zawistowski and Therese Straight have over 60 years experience in customer service, sales, design and management.